Will You Join Us In Prayer?
“Again I say to you, if two of you agree on earth about anything they ask, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven. for where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.” Matthew 18:19-20
Avery, Kathy, Chemo
Bass, Donald, Cancer/treatments
Bass, Lola, Cancer/treatments
Batten, Robert, Alzheimer’s
Benton, Earl
Best, Rebecca & Graham
Blanchard, Bonnie [Pastor’s Sister]
Boseman, Glenda (Cancer)
Braxton, Lillian, brain cancer
Britt, Cynthia, “Cyndi” (Cancer)
Britt, Tony (Cancer)
Brown, Benny, Cancer
Buffkin, Alice (Renee’s Aunt)
Buffkin, Tonya, Chemo
Byerly, Dean & Sherry
Chad, Carrie Hammond’s brother
(38 yrs old, Cancer)
Clewis, Pat
Coleman, Sara
Conrad, Audra, Cancer
Conway, Donald Thomas
Conway, Kathy
Conway, Lisa & Pastor D.
Conway, Teresa
Conway, Thomas
Cox, Ivey, Cancer
CPHC Ministries
Cranfill, Jean (Wanda’s Sister)
Duncan, Calvin
DeMoss, Hannah & Fam
Ethridge, Jeff & Tammy
Garrell, Joanne
Godbolt, Ricky, Cancer
Gore, James , Cancer
Green, Vann & Lenue
Hardee, Frances
Hartley, Matt, Lung caner
Hayes, Peggy
Haynes, Miriam & Tommy
Herring, Jimmy, (cancer)
Hewett, Matrix (Wendy Garrell’s son)
Inman, Eugene
Inman, Riley (Infant in NICU)
Ivey, Betty & Bud
King, Suzanne, Cancer
Kinlaw, Kelly (cancer)
Krauss, Debra & Jeff
Little, Doug & Cindy
Long, Joe, Cancer
Lucas, Don & Family
Martin, Martha, Cancer
Mercer, Larry, Kidney stones
Montgomery, Jan, Cancer
Munce, Sharon
Nance, Michael
Nobles, Junior, Cancer
Page, Paul, Jr. (Heart, stents)
Palmer, Caroline (5, Cancer)
Janice Stewart’s G’daughter
Parker, Milton
Pennington, Virginia
Powell, Calvin “Dick,” Cancer
Pridgen, Bonita, brain cancer
Proctor, A.F. (“Koot”)
Reynolds, Christopher
Reeves, Dot
Rozier, Wanda (cancer)
Sickinger, Ricky, Stroke
Smith, Billie (cancer)
Smith, Martha (cancer)
Strickland, Greg (cancer)
Stewart, Janice
Stubbs, Margaret
Tench, Larry (Wanda’s bro-in-law)
Thomas, Rachel
Todd, Kelly
Tori, Bernice (Jannette
Worthington’s Sister)
Tyler, James
Ward, Burris (”Jr”)
Ward, Eddie
Ward, Terry
Ward, Matt, Christin, Eli & Judah
Weaver, John (Pastor’s Uncle)
Wheeler, Anna, ALS
Whittington, Teddy (18 mos)
Williamson, Linda (Cindy’s Mom)
Worley, Ricky
Worthington, Jannette
Worthington, Stephen
Young, Chloe (& Baby)
Many Unspoken requests
CPHC Military
Greg Eissens,
Ashton Milliken,
Andy Osteen
Bereaved Families
Family of Gerald Gore
Family of Hazel Coleman
Family of Carolyn Reynolds
Family of Jimmy Jones (Ann
Williams’ son & Family)
Joann Pridgen & Family of
Dr. John Hall
All CPHC Ministries
& Church Leaders
ENE Ministries
Our Nation, Israel, Ukraine
2024 Election